Frequently Asked Questions

I received a Dependent Eligibility Verification Form in the mail. Who do I contact for questions about the form or the required documents?

Who do I contact about an RFP?

Is your company HIPAA compliant?

FAQs about our Dependent Eligibility Audit Service:

What’s your average removal rate?

What are your hours of operation?

Do you have other language capabilities for communications and customer service?

How long does a dependent audit take?

Do you charge on a fixed fee or percentage of savings?

FAQs about our Comprehensive Medical Claims Audit Service:

What kind of savings can I expect from a medical claims audit?

Do you perform reviews on 100% of claims or random sample audits?

How long does a medical claim audit take?

Do you conduct the audit on site?

Have you audited my claims administrator before?

Do you charge on a fixed fee or contingency basis?

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