Routine Performance Monitoring

Routine Performance Monitoring (RPM) reduces costs by 5%-15%.

Routine Plan Monitoring (RPM) uses audit results to set performance improvement targets. Health Decisions goes beyond claim recovery to include cost avoidance and process improvement savings. This gives the plan, payer, and broker/consultant:

  • Known priorities;
  • A common purpose; and
  • Shared facts.


RPM reviews can provide the plan with new ways to reduce costs throughout the year:

  • Monthly Reviews
    • Confirm Proper Performance
      • Like a computer virus scan… no news is good news
    • Eliminate Filing Limits Losses
    • Permit Claim Dispute Resolution
  • Quarterly and Semi-Annual Reviews
    • Benchmark Process
  • Annual Reviews
    • Support Performance Rewards

Taking the responsibility to implement Routine Plan Monitoring introduces management controls akin to Deming, Kaizen, and Six Sigma to self-funding. Participation from payers confirms commitment to true transparency in administration.

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